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How to become an RBC Ride Leader:

RBC Ride Leaders are the heart of our community.  We are most grateful for your interest.  In order to uphold the integrity and safety of RBC Rides, our Ride Leaders are asked to complete the following:

  1. Become familiar with and adhere to the protocols in our RBC Group Ride Rules & Etiquette document,
  2. Complete the RBC Ride Leader Training course, dates posted seasonally on the RBC website.
  3. Conduct a “Ride Leader Internship” with an established foundation ride leader,
  4. Submit an RBC Ride Leader Application Form.

Once approved, you will receive a follow-up email with Ride Leader resources and instructions for posting and tracking rides.

We are here to support you. Thank you for taking the lead at RBC.

The basics for our rides & ride leaders

In order for a ride to be considered an RBC ride, the ride must meet these requirements:

  • Ride Leader
  • Safe route
  • Advertised pace
  • Posted in RBC Calendar or Meetup App
  • Pods of 6 or less
  • Riders should have the route: GPS, Phone, Cue Sheet
  • Adhere to the protocols per the RBC Group Ride Rules & Etiquette document
  • Be Cancelled if weather or any other conditions would make it unsafe or unwise to ride

*COVID Requirements for all riders:

  • Carry a mask on your person for stops, mechanicals, unforeseen events,
  • Meetups should be with 6 ft. distancing

 Ride Leader Duties:

  • Pick safe routes, pace, start points
  • Post rides using the Wild Apricot Mobile App or on the WildApricot website
  • Conduct sign in at start of ride (via Wild Apricot)
  • Break riders into pods of 6 or less
  • Conduct Ride Leader speech to include:
    • Route, Pace, Groups of 6 or less, Must follow traffic law & etiquette,
    • Remind to ride smooth and predictable, “Road/Trail Vision” safer for everyone,
    • Signal only when safe to do. Better to use voice for hazards, etc.
  • Determine if weather/conditions are safe to ride
  • Post cancellations, alert riders with email or post in Meetup
  • Find substitutes if unable to lead
  • Know ‘In Case of Emergency’ protocols. Click Here

Pod Leader Duties:

  • Have and follow the route,
  • Keep group at pre-determined or advertised pace,
  • Teach or remind riders of RBC rules & etiquette if needed,
  • Keep the group together,
  • Form smaller groups on heavily trafficked roads
  • Know ‘In Case of Emergency’ protocols

Checking Weather: 

  • Wind: RL Comfort but 15mph avg + is advisable to cancel. Gusts 20+ are a no-go.
  • Ice/Rain: Cancel
  • Always better safe than sorry, err on the side of caution

Ride With GPS Club Account:

  • Manager: Kathy Gordon
  • You received an invite link in your Membership Confirmation Email
  • You have Premium privileges if signed into the club account using club route
  • RBC Routes must:
    • Be safe (mindful of left turns, major intersections, etc)
    • Be tested
    • Be repeatable (riders can access for posting on other rides)
    • To submit a route, email a ridewithgps route to Kathy.  Criteria for grouping, listing, etc will be in an email

Post a ride/run/event:

Foundation Rides: Established Weekly Rides posted on calendar

Meetup Rides: Rides posted by Ride Leaders off schedule of Foundation Rides

Weekly Ride Leaders:  Weekly rides will be pre-loaded into RBC events. You can add routes, change start times/locations, add descriptions, send members notices. This will be used in lieu of pen/paper sign in.

  • Weekly Ride Leaders: Download Wild Apricot for Admins (Google) (Apple)
  • Log in with your RBSC account
  • Go to Events in bottom menu
  • Swipe to find your ride, tap to display
  • Tap the 3 dots in orange circle on the top right corner, click edit.
  • You can change the time, modify the location and add route to description.
  • Click ‘Save’
  • You can see who pre-registered and check people in using the QR Code they were sent at sign in.
  • You can do all of this from your computer as well, login to org, click ‘Admin View’ on top right corner and click your event. Click ‘Edit’ to make changes, then ‘Save.’ You will be able to email registrants about cancelations or changes.

Touchless Ride/Run Sign Ins:

Foundation/Weekly Rides:

  • Use RBC App for sign ins: Download Wild Apricot for Members (Google)(Apple)
  • Use your RBC login and sign up for ‘events’ which will be weekly rides, runs, destination rides and events.
  • Weekly rides & track workouts will be automatically posted on club website and app
  • Access to postings are assigned to Foundation Ride Leader Teams.
  • Email those signed up with cancellations and updates.

Meetup Rides:

  • Ask all riders to direct respond to ride post in meetup app

Why do a sign in?

  • Liability protection
  • Some riders may not be members
  • Keep track of riders and their info
  • In case of accident, it is a record of them being on the ride

Leader Perks:

  • Submit rides on Track It Forward to earn RBC kits, bling (Contact Mitchell Finkto be added to Track it Forward)
  • Covered for liability under club insurance
  • Hundreds of people will be grateful and adore you

Encourage Membership!

  • Keeps the club rolling
  • Supports rides, events, ride leaders
  • Provides supplemental insurance in case of injury
  • Protects you!

Download (PDF) How to become an RBC Ride Leader