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New Rider Guide

The Ridgefield Bicycle Club aims to bring cyclists together in a social, fun and safe environment. In order to achieve this, we have developed ride levels so that riders will be comfortable and get the most out of their club ride experience. Please read carefully and choose the level that best suits your fitness and skill level. Please keep in mind our terrain is quite hilly and speeds will vary tremendously throughout a ride. Speeds posted are average only. If in doubt of your level, choose the easier pace and work your way up.

All riders are expected to know basic group riding etiquette and safety. All riders should be familiar with our RBC Group Riding Etiquette and be prepared to follow its guidelines.

Road Rides will break into groups of 6 or less.

Know and have the route. Upload into GPS or print the cue sheet. All routes are posted on RBCo’s Facebook pre-ride. All riders are responsible for knowing where they are and how to get home.

RBC rides are open to all members. Please arrive 15 minutes before the ride time to allow yourself time to get ready. We aim to roll out promptly at the ride time. All road rides depart from the Ridgefield Bicycle Company at 88 Danbury Rd. in Ridgefield unless otherwise noted on RBCo. Facebook. All non-members considering joining the club are welcome. We love getting new members! They should find the ride leader and must sign a waiver.

Contact the ride leader or if you have any questions.

Safety First: Above all else, use common sense and a defensive posture when riding. Assume cars and pedestrians don’t see you. Always be alert for riders, pedestrians and vehicles around you. Be Safe! The following rules must be followed on all RBC rides. If you have questions about these rules, talk with a ride leader.
  • Obey ALL traffic laws
  • Stay within your ability
  • Come to rides with a bike in good working order.
  • iPods and other listening devices are prohibited on RBC rides.
  • Ride no more than 2 abreast and in single file in heavy traffic or when being passed by a vehicle.
  • Communicate loudly with your fellow riders. Common alerts include: car back, car up, on your left, slowing, stopping, pothole, gravel, glass, etc.
  • Use your hands to point out hazards such as potholes, uneven pavement and gravel or glass for riders behind you.
  • Wear a properly fitted and fastened ANSI or Snell-approved helmet.

All riders must have the following:


spare tube, patch kit, and pump or CO2


Come to the ride well hydrated. Carry water or sports drink with you on the ride and drink frequently.


Bring quick-energy food with you on the ride. Dried fruit, energy bars, and bananas are good choices.

Personal Items

Money, ID & cellphone

For Mountain Bike Rides:

Only ride on dry trails. Yield to pedestrians and horses. Do not attempt terrain above your skill level. Be prepared to walk the bike out if the bike is damaged.